Welcome to our map paradise. We love the GTA and would love to share our interiors with the community. Keep an eye on this page, we're up to big things!

We are selling MLO interiors for FiveM delivered through Tebex & FiveM Escrow digital download.

How to activate interior?
Get selected interior at this store, then check your FiveM Keymaster -> Purchased Assets to download after purchase. Add downloaded map resource to your FiveM server resources and don't forget to add
Interior is not working
Your purchased interior will work only at servers using server key generated by account which purchased asset. You can transfer purchased asset to someone else. https://keymaster.fivem.net/asset-grants  Be careful, you will permanently transfer access to new owner, you will no longer be able to run asset at servers using keys generated by your account.
Can i retexture?
Yes, most assets are using unlocked external YTDs
Can i refurnish?
Yes, we recommend Codewalker to refurnish through YTYP
I found a bug or have a suggestion
You cant contact us at info@dtpl.cz, CFX.re forum, but fastest solution is our Ticket system at https://discord.gg/5sataKQYAw
Do you support RAGEMP, AltV, etc.?
We would like to, but generally NO, because of missing asset protection, but you can contact us and try to get individual exception according to size/reputation of your server, etc.

Haven't you found answer to your question?
Feel free to get help at our Support Discord - https://discord.gg/5sataKQYAw